New look, tone and feel

Our New Look, Tone and Feel is happening

At CPower, we’re working hard to establish our reputation as a modern, intelligent company whose mission is to help our customers achieve success through energy management. Let’s explore how our new Look, Tone, and Feel of will do just that.

Last month, Chris Cantone presented a sampling of our new Look, Tone, and Feel during the All-Hands Live call. To get a deeper sense of how these elements work together to position CPower, please see the complete Look, Tone, and Feel presentation located in The Vault.

To briefly review, recall that when looking at any piece of CPower communication:

The “Look”
is what we see.

The “Tone”
is what we read and or hear

The “Feel”
is the effect we realize from the blending of all elements. It results in an enhanced experience for our customers.

In the early days of our company–when we hit the ground running and were forced to open our doors before the ink in our business cards was dry–establishing a strategic Look was challenging. In many cases, we simply stamped the CPower logo on our legacy company’s relevant documents and pressed on. There was little Tone to our messages, leaving team members and customers a bit confused as to who we were and what we believed as a company.

Today and in the immediate future, we can (and will) be more strategic in how we present CPower to our customers, partners and fellow team members.

Establishing the proper customer-focused feel in all of our communication pieces is not an overnight process. It’s a labor and thought-intensive undertaking that involves many CPower minds coming together and working toward a common goal.

This post explains how we will strategically roll out our revised communication over the next few months and how our team members can utilize our new Look, Tone and Feel to create a great CX.

The new CPower Logo

Our new company logo is now ready to be used in CPower communications, both customer-facing and internal from team member to team member. Visit the Marketing section on the CPower Intranet to download the official CPower logo.

Before you get started using our new logo, here are a few thoughts and simple rules to keep in mind:

  • Use our logo with pride.
    Like the American Flag, it is a symbol that tells our story to the world.
  • The entire logo should always be shown. Never crop out elements of the mark.
    That would be like cutting the American Flag.
  • Type should never infringe on nor run over the logo.
    That would be like spray painting the American Flag.
  • Please don’t change the color of the logo.
    That would be like making the American Flag purple.
  • The new official CPower logo can now be used by team members in all CPower communications that require a logo.
  • In nearly all cases (customer-facing or internal) the official logo is the image to be used by team members to represent CPower. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you need a logo file other than the one on the CPower Intranet, please contact CPower Marketing.

As of today, the old CPower logo is retired.
Bon voyage, old logo. We bid you farewell as we begin “our” journey with CPower’s new Look, Tone and Feel.

The New CPower Brochure: our new look, tone, and feel in print.

Click to enlarge

If you haven’t yet seen CPower’s new company brochure, check it out.

This print piece has already debuted with great success at several trade shows and sales presentations. It features CPower’s new Look, Tone and Feel in action.

Give it a read and notice how the art (look) and words (tone) work together to present CPower as a knowledgeable company of wise experts, committed to helping customers achieve more through energy management. When you put it all together, you’ve got feel.

In the coming months, all CPower communication will undergo a look, tone, and feel transformation and will bear the hallmarks established in the company brochure.

Click to enlarge

Check out this piece we made for one of our Strategic Alliance Partners, Agri-Valley Irrigation, which sports our new Look, Tone, and Feel. This piece tells the story of our partnership with Agri-Valley Irrigation, a collaboration that is helping farmers in California take their crop yield and operations to new levels with advanced technology and demand response.

Key customer-facing communication pieces are changing at CPower.

Several of our most important customer-facing communication pieces are going to change in the coming months. They will be revised to include not only CPower’s new logo, but also CPower’s updated customer-friendly tone.

A few of the pieces that will be revised include:

  • CPower’s Market Snapshots
  • RFPs/contracts
  • CPower’s Welcome Package for new customers.
  • Customer performance reports
  • Market Update Communication (the EG update is an example)

These pieces will undergo a revision to reflect CPower’s Look, Tone, and Feel–all of which aim to provide a better customer experience (CX).

We understand how important it is for us to communicate with our customers in a timely fashion. We ask, however, that you don’t simply place the new CPower logo on a piece of communication that doesn’t yet have our new Look, Tone, and Feel.

If you need to send any communication that has not yet been officially updated with our new Look, Tone, and Feel to a customer or potential customer, please notify the Marketing Department and they will revise your document as swiftly as possible.

In time, all communication pieces will be revised and team members will be notified when the revised versions are complete and ready to be sent to our customers.

Our new website is scheduled to launch in January 2016. CPower’s new Look, Tone, and Feel will be unveiled to the public at that time. The current CPower website will not be changed, and will be retired when our new site launches.

Click to enlarge

Our redesigned market snapshot for New England is now in PowerPoint form to allow for easy on-the-go editing by the sales team. The customer friendly structure is the brainchild of the NE sales team to better educate their customers. All market snapshots will soon follow this easy-to-use and CX-focused format.

News on CPower’s Official PowerPoint Template

We now have a new PowerPoint Template that features our company’s revised Look, Tone, and Feel. The template has been designed to make easy work for Team Members seeking to communicate the CPower story, value proposition, and specific advantages of our company to current and prospective customers.

Download the new PowerPoint template in the Marketing section of the CPower Intranet and start making CX-focused presentations today, but please review the template’s instructions to ensure that our customers receive the Look, Tone, and Feel they deserve.

Business Cards

Our newly designed business cards are now available. If you currently have a business card, please click here to view a digital proof of your card. Follow the instructions to review your card for accuracy and approve its content, or comment on any changes to be made.


Our new email signatures ready to be added to your outgoing email messages. Visit the CPower Intranet’s Marketing section, and get the email signature template, along with instructions on filling out the signature and installing it to your email. Please convert your email signature as soon as possible so that our company’s emails offer a consistent CPower look to our customers.

We’ve covered a lot of great things here, and we’re very excited to see “our” CPower take shape. By rolling out this new Look, Tone, and Feel, we will allow our customers to get a better understanding of who we are, and why they choose to do business with CPower. Let’s finish 2015 strong and set the tone on what’s sure to be a great 2016. As always, please share your thoughts, ideas, or questions on our Look, Tone, and Feel here on the Vibe.

6 thoughts on “New look, tone and feel”

  1. Why is a grid background allowed to infringe and directly overlap on the logo mark on the new PowerPoint templates and brochures?

    1. The faint grid background on those two documents actually sits underneath the logo, which we’ve determined can look really nice if done right. What should be avoided is allowing any text to infringe on or run over the logo.

  2. Do we have an official font we should be using? The email signature is Arial, letterhead is Cambria, and power point template is Bebas?

    1. The official fonts are Bebas and Coo Hew (font files located on the intranet) for Powerpoints – when a powerpoint is sent out to a customer as a PDF, the font styles are retained. (If you look at the CPower Brochure ppt file, you can see how the new fonts are used)

      We chose to keep the email signature generic fonts because of compatibility issues. In other words, custom fonts are not retained when attached to email message and sent out to someone who doesn’t have those fonts installed on their pc.

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply! The Bebas font isn’t available in excel (I frequently find myself inserting excel worksheet links into PowerPoint, which retain the font in Excel), can this be downloaded or is there a similar font that I should be using in excel instead?

        1. Both new official fonts can be found in the “Font Files” folder located on the intranet here:,%20Tone,%20and%20Feel&FolderCTID=0x012000D5B1BEB12DCBF14A9699D992DA06610E&View=%7B23E5D598-D339-4DC3-A255-E686C5480F92%7D

          Installing these files should be simple – you should be able to double click the downloaded font files to open the installer window. If you have trouble, here some instructions from Microsoft that could help:

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